America’s REAL Endless War

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  1. Tony says:

    I am in agreement with your article, as it puts into words all of the many things I have known and felt over my 65 years. I am a child who grew up in Jim Crow South Carolina, and I experienced segregation especially towards the end.
    I was fortunate to have a father and mother who were at the top of their classes in High School. My father went into military service in Korea just as the military was being desegregated.
    He served in Vietnam as well. We were fortunate to be able to attend school on military bases in our formative years, but still experienced racism, but at a lesser level.
    Whenever we went out into the real world, and back to our South Carolina roots, there it was staring us in the face with all of it’s inherent dangers, My parents always had the Green Book available to them, and I remember looking at my grandmothers copy when I visited her.
    I have sent this article to all my family and to Democrats whose campaigns I support.
    I can probably guess that not one took the time to read this.
    Heads stuck in the sand will never help correct the problems.
    I prepped my family for the many years to come of rights reversals, and would not be surprised to see a “NEOSegregation” movement in the country.
    People need to be ready. Change will come fast and hard over the next years.
    Grassroots movements are needed now more than ever to save any inkling of a true Democratic country. We are headed towards a Republican led Theocratic Kleptocracy.
    Time to dig in to change things!

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