The Neutering Of An Independent Judicial Branch

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  1. cosmicaug says:

    «One of the participants in that riot was none other than the esteemed Brett Kavanaugh, having recently finished his job as part of the Ken Starr witch-hunt of Bill Clinton.»Hi, do you have any links supporting this assertion? All that I have found is an unreferenced, early September edit in the Wikipedia article that you linked (almost certainly politically motivated and now reverted). Is there anything better than that out there?

  2. cosmicaug says:

    OK, it looks like we have Doug Heye confirming this but I'm questioning that he is a reliable source. Trolling should be considered as a likelihood in this time of 4Chan politics. Additional disinterested, primary sources would be nice.

  3. m2c4 says:

    Michelle Goldberg of the NYT also tweeted it today (10/7/18); not confirmation but a perhaps more reliable source: